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Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International exists to proclaim the redemptive, liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ to all mankind. The Gospel brings healing, deliverance, and salvation to the  mind, body, soul, and spirit. Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International is a non-denominational ministry and apostolic and prophetic equipping and training center that is firmly rooted and grounded in Biblical principles. It is comprised of individuals of diverse racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and is committed to providing excellence in every aspect of the ministry.

The Master's mandate for this center is to equip, train, impart into, and activate believers into new levels of warfare, healing, and deliverance; to train a generation of believers to impact the world for Christ; and to participate in the end time harvest. We desire to bring reformation and revival in order to eradicate every hindrance that the enemy has brought against the people of God. This will be accomplished by encouraging Christians to answer the call of God on their lives and to participate fully in their election. Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International raises apostolic and prophetic teams that empower and instruct believers in the Word of God and by the works of ministry.


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