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Apostle Kevin Bailey

Apostle Kevin Bailey founded Touch of The Master Healing Ministries International in 2007. With an initial group of watchmen and intercessors, Apostle Bailey began an anointed apostolic and prophetic ministry. They evangelized, prophesied, preached the word, and performed deliverance in Indianapolis, Indiana. God is moving this ministry into higher realms of warfare and intercessory prayer by using the concept of "team," which is the foundation and governing arm of Touch of The Master Healing Ministries International.

Apostle Bailey has authored a book "Rediscovering Spiritual Warfare" which is available on most online platforms in English and Spanish. Based on the success of his first book, Apostle Bailey is preparing to release the follow up book titled, "Rediscovering Spiritual Warfare Vol.2"  God has given Apostle Bailey a divine spiritual strategy, based on the word of God, to expose demonic hindrances through the discerning of spirits and spiritual warfare. He preaches strong revelatory kingdom messages, imparting present day truths that bring restoration, regeneration, reformation, and deliverance. Apostle Bailey's passion is to equip, train and mobilize the body of Christ to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fulfill their call and destiny in Christ.

Apostle Kevin Bailey has established the Apostolic and Prophetic International Network (APIN), which is made up of International and National Ministers with whom he is in covenant as sons and daughters.  He is the International President and Presiding Apostle in countries that have joined him in expanding the kingdom of God, including Canada, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines.


Apostle Bailey is also a member of International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM), an international network of deliverance ministers. He is under the leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt, Founder of Impact Network Global. Apostle Bailey has earned a Masters Degree in Theology from Faith Theological Seminary of Nigeria/USA. He has over 20 years of ministry experience, training in deliverance, healing and counseling.


Apostle Bailey has traveled and ministered in over 38 nations, where he currently oversees apostolic, prophetic, and deliverance teams.

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