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Testimonies of Healing & Deliverance

Girl in a City


  • "I just want to thank God for my deliverance from depression, rejection and physical abuse. Apostle Bailey and his team blessed me. I am free and thank God for using him to get to the root of the matters."

  • "I had the amazing pleasure of being part of prayer with the apostle and he prayed for me. I thank God! I literally feel a freedom like I've never felt before. I was delivered from things that went back to childhood: low self-esteem, abandonment, and domestic abuse; things that went way back to my father's and mother's house, just to name a few things. I also had pain in my body. The pain left me right away. Hallelujah! I am free Indeed! I thank God for your ministry. Please keep up the great work. The world needs deliverance."

  • "Today I was healed of Spirits of rejection, molestation and witchcraft. that have hindered me for years. I remember just months ago God putting it on my heart to get Deliverance and I knew nothing about it and told no one. I reached out to a mentor giving her updates in my walk with the Lord and she said I needed deliverance. I immediately knew that was confirmation. I asked her how or who could I go to and she referred me to Apostle Kevin Bailey. I will tell you today will change my life forever. My health mentally and physically and Spiritually was being attacked by Spirits from Childhood Trauma.. Understanding where these spirits came from and now knowing can live daily free from there torment as long as I keep my Armor on and recognize when Im trying to be attacked in the Spirit. His book will also guide me and give me a full understanding about Spiritual warfare. It will not only help me to walk in the Spirit but learn how to battle in the Spirit too. I plan to tell as many people as I can. Deliverance is real and it can Transform your life."



  • Nov. 2023: My deliverance session with Apostle Kevin and Elder Toni, helped set me free from a myriad of African Aztec witchcraft demonic spirits that had been tormenting me for 20 years. The biggest issue I had came from a spirit husband that would assault me sexually at night, these included, incubus, succubus, the spirit of hydra in my private parts, which I could feel moving around. I was also delivered from spirits of sleep apnea, and insomnia. They also prayed for me to be delivered from serpent and marine spirits that I felt and saw moving all over my body. After the session I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time and woke up refreshed and praising Jesus. I know Jesus Christ set me free during that deliverance and I’m looking forward to seeing real change in myself and in every area of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Apostle Kevin and Elder Toni for praying with and for me.

  • Aug. 2023: I just wanted to share my testimony, in August of this year, I requested deliverance due to severe witchcraft attacks and no children in my marriage of 11 years. After the session with Apostle and the team, I was delivered from soul ties, marine spirits, Abbadon (destroyer spirit) spirit of miscarriage Barrenness, and witchcraft altars. I just found out today I am pregnant just a few months after going through deliverance. I thank God for you all.

  • Jan. 2023: I was referred to your ministry for deliverance. During the session, one of the things that left my body was allergies to ragweed, food allergies, hay fever, and pollen. I have had them my whole life and was taking an over-the-counter medication every single day just to function. Since then I have not needed to take any allergy medication. I am so grateful, not only for this aspect but for the spiritual freedom that I have felt ever since.

  • Jan. 2023: I wanted to thank God for this ministry. Apostle Kevin Bailey and Elder Toni in my deliverance sessions cast out demons of perversion, homosexuality, ancestral/obeah spirits, marine kingdom spirits, and demons I never even heard of. I thank God for this deliverance, to God be the glory.

  • Jan. 2023: After Apostle Kevin Bailey and his team prayed for me I was delivered from fear, anger, and a marine spirit that had been hindering me. I appreciate Touch Of The Masters Ministry for touching my life in a way that I am  forever changed

  • June 2022: I think you just set me free. Once and for all. When you first started praying I started feeling sleepiness and kept trying to keep my eyes open. At one point my eyes closed and I didn’t notice but heard “Go. Go” in a gentle voice. It was the Holy Spirit, I know it. And my eyes shot open and I knew I was being set free! And then you went on to say “take a deep breath” and I did. And I felt this sharp shooting pain go from my belly button up to my rib cage as I was breathing. AS IF SOMETHING CAME OUT! IT WAS LIKE IT SLITHERED OUT SO QUICKLY! like it was being attacked and shot out! Thank you, sir. After that happened I smiled so hard, I couldn’t even hold it in. I knew I had been delivered. Once and for all. Thank you, God. 

  • Jan. 2022: After Apostle and his team prayed for me I was completely delivered. I used to have nightmares and night visits but my report is that I haven't had but one and I rebuked the spirit spouses in the dream and they are no more.  My dream life is now from God!

  • Jan. 2022: I was battling the effects of the Jezebel spirit (narcissism), witchcraft in my bloodline and a mother wound.Since my session, I have experienced major breakthrough in my relationship with my mother, my mood is better, and emotional hurt has decreased tremendously.  Again, a life changing experience. Thank you!

  • Dec. 2021: I ran across your YouTube video teaching on familiar spirits and I got delivered from mind control spirits of the octopus and the squid, forgetfulness, mental fog and problems with comprehension. Thank you so much I appreciate you and your ministry.

  • Dec. 2021: I came across your channel on Youtube today. The first video I watched was titled "Deliverance From The Self Lover Spirit And Mental Disorders(Narcissist)", during the prayer at the end I felt like throwing up and as if something wanted to come out of me.

  • Dec. 2021: I thank God I came across Your youtube messages. They have been the greatest source of comfort and enlightenment for me. they have strengthened my faith and have helped me get delivered from bitterness and so much hurt in my life. I am eternally grateful to the LORD for us having crossed paths.

    Ever since I have connected to your ministry a lot of positive changes and breakthroughs have happened within a short period of time. After almost a year of rejection The LORD has finally broken through and a company finally gave me the employment contract to work. All this transformation began to happen after religiously spending time listening to all your messages on YouTube. The Holy Spirit is working
    mightily in your ministry.


  • I would like to praise God for the Touch of the Master Healing Ministries, Int’l and Apostle Kevin Bailey. I have been in a controlling church that proclaimed they were no longer into deliverance. As a young adult I struggled to understand if this was the way the church was supposed to operate. Twenty years later, I was so bound and didn’t know what to do about it. Jesus began to open my eyes to the truth, and I was able to leave the church. Apostle Bailey and Apostle Kim spent a significant amount of time with me untangling past childhood trauma, witchcraft from control and manipulation, false identities, unnatural soul ties, delayed maturity, and so much more. I have gone from a fragmented, tormented soul to being made whole. The healing was so thorough that even the pain in my body from a knee injury, neck and spinal injuries from multiple car accidents, a mysterious ailment in my breast, symptoms of arthritis and HBP have all disappeared. Praise be to God for sending His Word to heal me.

  • Today was my day of LIBERTY & FREEDOM. Apostle Bailey & Prophetess Jacqueline did an amazing job with my deliverance. I was bound and demonically oppressed by Severe Marine spirits, Eastern Star & Free Mansion spirits from my ancestors on both sides of the family. I was also delivered from Evil Altars, Evil Covenants, Familiar Spirits, Spirit Husband, Spiritual Babies, Spirit Of Rejection, Abandonment, Fear & Anxiety, Shame, Spirit Of Death, Delay, Ancestral & Foundational Bondage, Caging incantations & Demonic Strongholds. I was healed from a spirit of Infirmity and disease. After the deliverance for evil spirits I was then lead through the process of breaking Ungodly Soul Ties from ties to the Occult, and from my past relationships as well as a curse of incest. I also was delivered from Kundalini Spirits, as a result of YOGA and transcendental meditation. After the session was over I felt lighter, my face was clear and lighter and  I was able to eat something and sleep well. I thank the Lord for APOSTLE BAILEY,  PROPHETESS JACQUELINE and their whole ministry team.

  • I watched the YouTube teaching on deliverance from abortion and the aftermath. My body was bent over, my mouth was filled with saliva, I couldn't stop burping, I was also screaming, I felt like I wanted to vomit. I believe I have been delivered from the curse of death, murder and suicide. Glory to God, for using you in a mighty way. God bless

  • "One day my sister in the Lord and I were talking about water spirits. I heard people speak on this but had never had any in depth teaching on this subject. God knew my heart and desire to learn because the day after the conversation with my sister, Apostle taught on the subject. When he taught, I could see that I had been dealing with sea spirits. After his teaching, I did the renunciation of the spirits and prayed along with Apostle. When He finished, I continued to pray on my own. While praying, I felt pressure on my forehead like a migraine headache, so I decided to pray standing. My nose started to run so I stood up to continue praying. All of a sudden, a gush of liquid came flowing out my nose. I had no idea what was happening. It was something I had never experienced before. The following day, I was telling my mom what happened and the Lord showed me that was a deliverance from the sea spirit. Later that day, I prayed the prayer again and my mouth watered so badly while I prayed that I kept spitting in the toilet. That was more deliverance.  I thank God for my healing and for Apostle Bailey's ministry.  I have been truly blessed by it. I look forward to more of GOD through this ministry. “​

  • "I just want to thank apostle Bailey and his team for deliverance from marine spirits and schizophrenia. My mind is so clear; it is as though a weight dropped off of me and mind is clear of the confusion. I am free.”

  • "I thank God for the ministry of Touch and Apostle Bailey. I was delivered from a spirit of suicide, murdering spirits from abortion, drug addiction, and prostitution. For the first time in my life, I am free. It has been over 15 yrs. My ears popped during the ministry and my hearing was restored.”

  • "I thank God for Apostle Bailey and his ministry. I was listening to the video online at Facebook and I was delivered from the spirit of Leviathan and marine spirits. It felt like I was a hundred pounds lighter."

  • "Apostle Bailey and Elder Toni prayed for me, and it was as if a dam broke loose and all these spirits started coming out from every pore in my body. These evil things had been there for many years. I experienced a level of breakthrough to break these marine spirits, generational curses, and childhood trauma. Thank You JESUS for delivering me! I look forward to my total deliverance."  

  • "I thank God Almighty for a great deliverance He accomplished in my life through his servants, Apostle Kevin and Elder Toni. “Great deliverance He gives to His king and shows mercy to His anointed, to David and his descendants forevermore.” (Ps. 18:50 - NKJV). I had felt besieged by the enemy for a few months leading up to the prayer. Apostle uncovered a death plot against me and broke it. He and Elder Toni prayed and bound marine, python, and other spirits, and also broke generational curses. Some pain I was having disappeared during the prayer when Apostle identified the source as the spirit of python and broke the curse. I thank my heavenly Father for Jesus, His shed blood, and for the miracle-working power of His Holy Spirit. In addition, my finances that had been demonically blocked were released and I was able to get a contract job two days after they prayed. I am very grateful to Apostle Kevin and Elder Toni for laying down their lives for the sake of the kingdom of God and Christ. Deliverance ministry is a much-needed ministry and should be supported as much as possible." 

  • "This past April while on my way home, I felt something entering my head ... it was invisible. I felt it because it made me go dizzy; actually I was about to fall. Anyway, after this, I kept on getting severe headaches, which I never ever suffered any before. This made me go to the doctor and did all sorts of tests and scans and everything turned negative. The pain kept getting worse for about a month and also during this time I was seeing a black dot on my right eye and also had ringing in my ear. The pain stopped for about 5 weeks and I felt great. On the night of the 8th of June, while I was sleeping in my room, an energy appeared with the wind, which gave me a shock, woke me up, and entered my body. I started shaking like crazy. Anyway, I knew it was something bad (evil). I always prayed to God and believed in him but I was never born again, but still, I wasn't living a good life but God was always on my mind. So I found a pastor and emailed him. I couldn't sleep after that. I felt very bad that morning and when I went to work, my colleagues could see me shaking. I met this pastor and we did deliverance and heaps of demons came out but this thing was still inside moving and shaking. They didn't want to believe me, so I didn't meet up at church anymore since I don't want them to think I'm crazy. I got baptized during all of this but no one was able to help with all of this !!! Anyway I was left on my own for months and during this time, I kept searching and searching to see if my symptoms are common. I have parasites inside moving around and with your prayers, I managed to clear so many of THEM!!!! I watched your videos since Monday -- about 9 hrs straight -- and I managed to clear 60 % of them I can actually feel them unstick and leave from where it entered in my head. It's incredible! What I'm trying to say is that there are other evil entities, not just demons, but when they hear "IN THE NAME OF JESUS," they go!!! I had suffered from sleep paralysis and also a succubus attack."



  • I sowed my tithes and offering into this ministry last Saturday and on Monday a woman of God sowed $500.00 into my non profit organization and on Thursday she sowed $2,000 and stated that she will be sowing her tithes and offering into my non profit every time she get paid. I know that this is good ground I have been seeing fruit and transformation since I have been connected to this ministry and also sowing into this ground. I am so so grateful! 

  • "Apostle and his team prayed and fasted with me concerning my debts. Close to the end of the fast, I received letters concerning two emergency room visits I made earlier this year stating that I owed nothing, as the hospital canceled those debts -- a total of $3,330. I know that God responded to the prayers and fasting with this financial miracle. My ER visits were due to the effects of witchcraft attacks that were unleashed against me. I thank God, Yahweh Nissi, for this miracle. God is good and faithful."



  • Sept. 2022: On The day of my deliverance session I awoke with symptoms of vertigo. Doctors told me there was no cure and that I would have to live with it for the rest of my life. I suffered from this illness for 10 years. I have worked to keep it at bay through online tips and medication that only made things worse. Sometimes I would sit upright in bed for up to 3 days with my head spinning. I felt deep down that this can’t be something that God would want me to endure. I am thankful to God to say that I was delivered from vertigo that day!!! My ears opened up in a way that I had never felt before and my dizziness and vertigo symptoms are gone. By the end of the session, I experienced joy for the first time in my life that only God can give. I thank God for using Apostle Kevin Bailey and his staff to bring healing and deliverance from generational infirmity and witchcraft curses. 

  • Feb. 2022: I had pain in my right knee for a long time to the point of limping. Often, my knee would get stiff and I could not sit longer than 15 minutes without experiencing pain upon getting up. Apostle Bailey and his intercessor covered me in prayer. Immediately that pain was gone to return no more. I am free indeed! 
  • Dec. 2021: As Apostle Kevin Bailey and his team prayed over me I felt heat on my neck where there was a cancerous mass which quickly popped and dissolved as I prayed over me. I began burping and coughing and vomited some things out which Apostle told me was from witchcraft and spirits of infirmity coming out. For three months after the initial prayer, I continued to feel warm waves going down my back. I am now fully healed and delivered thanks to Touch of The Master Healing Ministries.
  • Dec. 2021: After suffering from mental disorders all my life and then a mental breakdown in 2019 I was desperate for deliverance. I had a deliverance session with Apostle and his team and I felt heat on the back of my neck and my thyroid was healed. I was healed of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. I am now healed and have a sane mind thanks to Touch of the master healing ministries.
  • Dec. 2021: Ever since my deliverance session with Apostle Bailey almost a week ago, I haven’t had to take the prescribed medication for the acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues that I had for 10+ years. I was unable to eat many foods such as pancakes, dairy, and certain meats because it would cause a lot of stomach pains and diarrhea. I can tell you today that I’ve been able to eat all foods with no problems at all. My knees are also more flexible, and I haven’t had the stiffness and pain that I had daily. I’ve been set free and healed from arthritis. I also haven’t had to take any medication for the severe migraines that I’ve had all of my life. I haven’t been to the doctor’s yet to check my cholesterol levels and my blood for anemia, but I know, and I believe that I’ve been healed from both diseases and from the hiatal hernia. I am truly healed, and I am overjoyed! Glory to the highest God!

  • Dec. 2021: I would first like to give praises and glory to my heavenly father, who in his infinite mercies, lead me to Apostle Kevin Bailey for deliverance.  So much was broken off of me both in the natural and spiritual.  God healed me from Lyme Disease which I was told was incurable. I was also healed from a thyroid condition which had a spiritual root of someone putting a muzzle on my mouth so that I would not be able to speak prophetically. Lastly, I was delivered from Witchcraft.

  • Dec. 2021: I battled with depression for 15 years and was on several medications. I was having suicidal tendencies, panic attacks, fears, phobias, and hallucinations. After my session with Apostle Bailey's team, I was completely delivered, and I was taken off all medications.

  • Nov. 2021: I reached out to several ministries for help and all they offered was standard prayer. One day on youtube I found Apostle Baileys teaching marine spirits. I received some breakthroughs from the video but it was not complete. After I made an appointment with Apostle's team I was fully delivered from marine spirits, Haitian witchcraft, and dedication to devils and obia. 

  • Nov. 2021: I was put off of work for 2 weeks because I tested positive for COVID-19. I made an appointment with Apostle Bailey and his team and after the deliverance & healing prayer, I was healed of all the symptoms of COVID-19 and tested negative.

  • Dec. 2020:  Praise the Name of Jesus. Thanking God for Apostle Kevin Bailey, Elder Toni, and the Touch of the Master Team. I was sick for 10 days and then diagnosed with Covid 19 a few days later and taken to the hospital by ambulance because my blood oxygen had dropped to the 70s and 80s. (Thank God for the pulse ox finger probe that God led me to have my daughter purchase that tells you your blood oxygen level) when I discovered I was way below 90s and need oxygen God set things in motion. During my ordeal, Apostle Bailey and the team PRAYED. They prayed each night and after 8 days I was released from the hospital and did God do a work. God healed more than Covid. He healed other medical issues. Apostle continued to pray for me after I got home and allowed God to use himself and the team mightily on my behalf. Apostle Bailey doesn’t just pray, he goes deep. He comes against darkness, generational curses, spirits of infirmity, sickness, and disease. I felt like I was resting in prayers (and I was) as I lay in that hospital bed. All the staff: doctors, nurses, respiratory, and even the house keeper were so loving and kind and made me so comfortable. Every day I got stronger and felt the peace that passeth my understanding. My trust in God went thru the roof. And my appreciation for those called to prayer and deliverance soared. I thank God for Apostle Bailey and each member of his team. I feel like a brand new person. GLORY TO GOD!!!!

  • July 2020: First I have to say thank you to Apostle Kevin Bailey and his team. Words can not express how grateful I am. It felt like the world was caving in on me and I said, "Lord I don't know if I could take it another day." God must have put it on their heart and i'm so thankful, I became free. They have a dynamic delivery team. They know how to get to the root of issues. You don't get a band-aid you get healed. I never knew a video conference deliverance could be so effective. The demons were so angry at Apostle Kevin, they not only told him how much they hated him but that they never had deliverance like this. I have never slept so well and been so free until after that session. They knew about demons i've never heard of in my life. The Lord healed my womb from fibroids, cysts, and soul ties from past partners, and delivered me from asthma. The Lord revealed to them that I had a tumor on my head, they commanded it to be cleared up and my sight was restored. I was delivered from witchcraft and Schizophrenia. I believe I was in the beginning stages of diabetes and had a black dot on my eye and Demons were trying to give me an aneurysm to take my life, and when Apostle prayed it disappeared. This does not even include several other things the Lord delivered me from that day. I can't even list it all. Thank you and God bless you all!

  • "For over five years, I was diagnosed with gastritis -- this is blocking of the small and large intestines. This created tremendous pain in my stomach and back, because food was being lodged in my intestines. It kept me from having regular bowel movements. Apostle Bailey prayed deliverance prayers and laid hands on me and after that I had my first bowel movement which I had not had in almost two weeks. I am now able to have regular bowel movements. All the pain left and I am healed. I give praise TO GOD!!!"

  • "Last summer, I was diagnosed with neuro vertigo, which causes EXTREME nausea, vomiting, heavy sweating, dizziness, and tremendous headaches. More than three times I had been hospitalized for vertigo. My doctor prescribed a patch which I had to stick in my ear, that cost $500.00 month. My dad told me about Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International. I went to receive prayer; and Apostle Bailey laid hands and prayed for me. He advised me that I didn't need the patch anymore. After prayer, all nausea, sweating, dizziness, and pain left my body. By the stripes of Jesus, I was healed.  I no longer have trouble with vertigo. The doctors were amazed when I went back for a check up!"

  • "For over a year I had been hemorrhaging. I was passing blood clots as large as golf balls.  During this time, I was back and forth to the doctor.  I had an appointment with an OB/GYN and was diagnosed with polyps, tumors in the uterus, and a cyst on the left ovary. The doctor removed the polyps and some tumors; but they would not remove the tumors from the muscles.  On March 24, 2017, I attended overnight prayer at Touch; I felt the glory of God and a sweet atmosphere of worship.  Apostle Bailey asked if he could pray for me; and I said “yes.”  Apostle prophesied that the tumors would come out.  On April 8 and 9, yes both days, I felt the tumors pass through. After that I stopped bleeding; and now I have regular periods.”

  • "I have been attending Touch of the Master International for two months, I couldn't sleep at night and I was being bitten by invisible bugs. I can now sleep and I am no longer being bitten by bugs. I am now 40 and I had a injury on my right foot since I was 11 years old. The  bone in my foot wouldn't heal it and there was a painful lump. I couldn't wear certain shoes. After prayers of deliverance by Apostle Bailey and the team, the bone went into place and the lump disappeared. I also had a cyst on my left wrist that the doctors told me was from carpal tunnel. There was tremendous pain when I typed.  After prayers for healing, the cyst dissolved. GLORY TO GOD I have been HEALED and made WHOLE!"

  • "I have been on dialysis for over twenty years. I suffered with high blood pressure and diabetes; and my kidneys began to fail.  I thank God for TOTMHMI and Apostle Bailey. I received prayer and deliverance when I came to the ministry; and all of a sudden my kidneys and sugar levels became normal. I went into the bathroom and used it on my own at the ministry. I thank God for this miracle and that I am WHOLE!"

  • "I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told that I would have to have a radical mastectomy. The tumors were the size of quarter and cancer lodged in the lymph nodes. Apostle Bailey prayed for me and laid hands on me. The tumors dissolved and I am now completely healed from breast cancer. I felt heat all over my body. When I went back to the doctor the next month, there was no sign of CANCER. Glory to GOD! I thank God for my healing."

  • "I had a problem with hair loss, I was diagnosed with alopecia and had gone to a dermatologist numerous times to get steroid injections in my scalp, which were very painful.  The bald spot would come back in different areas of my head. There is no cure for alopecia. Apostle Bailey prayed and laid hands on my scalp. My hair grew back and it is now healthier than ever. I no longer need medication or steroids. I THANK AND PRAISE GOD BECAUSE HE STILLS HEAL TODAY."

  • "I have had a physical for female problems such as menopause and fibroid cyst tumors being a woman in my mid-forties. I was told by my doctor that I would suffer from these problems until I completed the menopausal stage and that I was to just get used to it. I was not able to have regular cycles, and I had severe headaches, severe cramps, and very heavy bleeding when I did have my cycles. I met Apostle Bailey and received deliverance and healing prayers. Afterwards, the TUMORS exited my WOMB, and I now HAVE REGULAR MONTHLY MENSTRUAL CYCLES! I thank God for your ministry and for MY HEALING. I AM WHOLE!!"

  • "Doctors told me 10 years ago that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Prior to the diagnosis and since the diagnosis, I experienced pain on a daily basis, of varying intensities.  Sometimes the pain would be so unbearable that I would think to myself how much suffering do I need to experience...this can't possibly be how I will live the rest of my life. Since I received deliverance on Thursday 9/28/17, I have not had the need to take any pain medication because I have not felt any pain in my joints or in any part of my body.  It is a great feeling to be set free of the pain”.

  • On August 19, Apostle Bailey prayed for 2 men who had not been able to hear in a prison facility in Indiana. These men were unable to hear -- one for 10 years and the other for 20 years -- and they are now able to hear.

  • On October 7, Apostle Bailey prayed for a woman who was in having pain, was paralyzed on her right side, and struggled with rheumatoid arthritis. There was no feeling in her right hand. After prayer and deliverance by Apostle Bailey, she is now able to walk and the pain on her side and right hand has been healed and restored from arthritis.

  • "During my deliverance session with Apostle Bailey, one of his team members was praying for me and asked if I have any trouble with my uterus. I said “no”; and they asked if I was sure. Apostle Bailey and his team began to pray. I informed Apostle Bailey that eight years ago I gave birth prematurely to twins. The OB/GYN said my uterus was enlarged at that time and caused the premature birth of my girl and boy. My son passed away three weeks later. I have not had problems with my reproductive system since then other than I did not have a menstrual cycle for 11 months. My OB/GYN advised me that after 12 months of no cycle, I would officially be in the menopause stage of life. At 48 years of age I do not want any more children and quite frankly was looking forward to not having any more menstrual cycles. However, Apostle Bailey advised me that the menopause is not of God and is not something women are meant to go through. After my deliverance session, I truly felt like a new person. I felt free, whole, and like chains had been taken off. I went to work that afternoon celebrating my liberty. While at work, approximately 20 minutes after my deliverance session, I began to feel cramps in my uterus. Two days after the deliverance, I began my menstrual cycle. I called Apostle Bailey and informed him that God had restored my reproductive system. I thank God for Apostle Bailey, his team and Ministry. May the Lord continue to use you and your ministry to be a blessing to others.”

  • "Hello, I am sharing this testimony because I was delivered from ongoing sinus problems and marine spirits. As Apostle Bailey and his team prayed for me, water ran out of my nose really badly. Also, a tumor dissolved. I am so grateful for the ministry."

  • "I went to the doctor and received a report that I could have cancer in the lymph nodes and breast. I called Apostle Bailey and he prayed and commanded the galls of bitterness to dissolve and leave me. All of a sudden, I felt something releasing from the genital area and thought I had to use the restroom; but when I ran to the bathroom the tumor came out of me. It burned and I screamed. I went back to the Doctor. I am healed and free. "

  • "Before deliverance with Apostle Bailey, my blood pressure was 190/160. Since the deliverance, my blood pressure is 120/70 and has not been this normal since I was in my teens. Thank God for the miracle.”​

  • "My son, Misael, is now 15 months old. When he was 7 months old, he was diagnosed with failure to thrive and the diagnosis remained as he was not making the milestones that was required of him. It wasn't only that he was not gaining weight but he was not growing and his brain was beginning to not grow as well. From 7 months to 12 months, he continued to remain stagnant in his growth and was only 14-15 lbs. When Apostle Bailey visited our ministry for the deliverance conference, Misael was 13 months old. Developmentally, he was babbling a little but not really saying any words, and crawling but not really making the gains that he should have been for his age. Apostle Kevin prayed for him and laid hands on him on April 18. At his last visit to his GI doctor on May 13 for them to monitor his progress, they said that he has gained 173% growth in his weight and 233% growth in his height for where they want him to be. When I asked about the failure to thrive diagnosis, they said that it is resolving itself, there is no concern for that, and I don't have to go back for 2 months. His first visit was on March 11 and he had another appointment right before the deliverance meeting on April 18 where there was no progress. He is continuing to grow and has gone up a size in clothes. Also since then, he is standing to walk unsupported and taking 1-2 steps (which is still in his developmental range) and identifies by name myself and his siblings. Nothing has changed about his diet; it has only been prayer and deliverance which means that God gets all the glory for this turn around."



  • Jan 2022: I am so appreciative of Apostle Kevin Bailey and Prophetess Jacqueline. My session with them has been life changing. I was battling the effects of the Jezebel spirit (narcissism), witchcraft in my bloodline and a mother wounds. Since my session, I have experienced major breakthrough in my relationship with my mother, my mood is better, and emotional hurt has decreased tremendously. 

  • September 2020:  I got delivered from a spirit husband and family witchcraft. Apostle Bailey and his team were used by the Lord to deliver me from hoodoo and voodoo rituals. I am so grateful to God for what he has as done for me through this ministry. I am free and I am grateful to this ministry, God blessed you all.

  • On September 30, a woman was prayed for concerning a spirit husband, Jezebel, a man-hating spirit, along with black magic and witchcraft. After prayer and deliverance by Apostle Bailey she was healed and set free.

  • "I became homeless and hopeless on April 1, 2019. I had come to what I felt was my end, so I began contemplating ending my life. I couldn't sleep, so around midnight for whatever reason, I decided to watch YouTube and saw Apostle Kevin's post on exposing the schemes, lying words and deceit in the prophetic. I sat up and cried because I was just saying this to the Lord and then Apostle Kevin contacted me, which took me by surprise because he interrupted what I was planning on doing to myself. The next day, Apostle Kevin and Pastor Toni broke me through in deliverance from witchcraft, a demonic altar, hurt and pain, sickness, wandering (vagabond) spirit, a third eye (closed), poverty, rejection, python spirit, puppetry, mind binding, squid spirit, and suicide. To God be the glory....."

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