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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to train and equip believers to serve in God's kingdom, while pursuing their destiny; to infiltrate and aggressively advance God's kingdom rule in their personal lives, ministries, families, and all that the Master desires for His kingdom; to aggressively reach the present harvest with the life-changing power, deliverance, and light of the gospel; to establish a multi-racial, cross-cultural congregation that produces a valid expression of the kingdom of God; to empower, train, and equip strong leaders to establish churches around the world that are anchored in revelation, Biblical principles, wisdom, deliverance, and healing; to exhort the people of God into prophetic praise and worship dimensions in the apostolic.

Our mission is to release God's kingdom in the earth through prophetic intercession, warfare, and prayer, while raising apostolic and prophetic teams, and erecting prayer palaces throughout the nations.

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