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The Apostolic and Prophetic International Network is a network for five-fold ministry leaders who would like to develop covenant relationships and have accountability. APIN is a prayer palace with teams of intercessors who performs deliverance and healing, and who build apostolic and prophetic teams. 

TOTMHMI is a Biblically-based Christian ministry that offers prayer, Christian counseling and deliverance ministry as part of its godly mandate. A spiritual assessment with counseling or a deliverance session via phone or virtual platforms is offered.  

Our Global Ministry & Outreach team has ministered in over 30 countries, bringing teams to raise up, establish and usher in deliverance around the world.  Come see the places we have served and the many lives that have been impacted through Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International.

Touch of the Master Healing Ministries International has supported orphans in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, the Sudan, India, and other countries. Please consider partnering with us in our efforts to take care of "the least of these." 

TOTMHMI offers food, clothing, education, counseling, rehabilitation and other assistance to homeless and/or needy men, women and children in the Indianapolis Area. Our aim is to meet people where they are, serving them in the community and ministering to the total person, mind, body and spirit.

Read the authentic and genuine testimonies of God's Power to heal & deliver people all of the world. Brothers and sisters worldwide testify about God breaking chains in their lives, healing them from conditions and diseases, and delivering them from their destructions. Nothing is impossible in God!

TOTMHMI offers Prison Ministry to both youth and adult visitors. Each month Apostle Bailey leads a team of designated ministers to address the practical needs of inmates and offer counsel to prisoners and guards alike.  He organizes worship services and holds Bible studies, introducing Christ in a practical and tangible way. 

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